PRAXIS is an International company funded in December 1996. We are devoted to consulting, integration, outsourcing and development services with our main focus on Finance, Banking & Telco. Since the foundation of the company, we decided to pursue high levels of customer satisfaction, hence our mission to strengthen organizations by means of an adequate use of information technology.


Our mission is to strengthen companies through the appropriate use of information technologies.


Commitment / Excellence / Ethic / Respect / Initiative / Cooperation.

PRAXIS offers Intelligent Solutions for Intelligent Business

  • uno praxis We develop systems based on high quality standards.
  • dos praxis We are experts in developing systems and assessing the latest technology.
  • tres praxis Our staff is highly qualified and we have a solid professional trajectory.
  • cuatro praxis We are in the lead of the projects with specialized methodologies and tools.
  • cinco praxis We apply the best Project Management practices ( members of the Project Management Institute).
  • seis praxis We are committed to adapting the system development process to CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and ISO 9001.