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Our specialty of Big Data Analytics in PRAXIS, was born more than 4 years ago, as a result of the growing demand for information analysis services, thus creating new ways of working with the data generated by organizations, not only to deal with the millions of data, but to understand how to interpret the information stored with a broader scope.

Big Data will give you the results your business needs, improving the sales of products or services to a specific audience, identifying which promotional campaigns you should invest in and in which sector, giving you the vision of improvement in the planning of strategies focused on your business for better performance.

Our Hallmark

At PRAXIS, we work with new generation tools and technologies that perform work on a large scale with simpler results to interpret. We focus on developing proposals that are in line with your interests; evaluating and studying carefully the results you want to obtain, we help you create synergy with the information generated in your organization by identifying successes or problems to solve.


Companies that implement Big Data Analytics projects are able to make decisions based on data, giving them tangible benefits such as:

  • uno praxis Measurable growth in productivity and sales of 10% and an increase in financial profitability (ROE) by 16%.
  • dos praxis Time to Market reduction of new reports up to 85% using new techniques of preparation, analysis and exploitation of information.
  • tres praxisIncrease in average productivity in companies up to 4.1%.
  • cuatro praxisSignificant savings when implementing a Big Data solution, compared to the same solution in traditional database systems.
  • cinco praxisIdentify new business opportunities and new market niches before the competition.
  • seis praxisOptimize the operations of the organization reducing costs, increasing results and therefore, increasing profitability.



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