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At PRAXIS, we have more than 20 years of experience, strengthening companies in information technology solutions. Through the Cloud specialty, we provide solutions that guarantee data access, business applications from anywhere in the world, continuity of applications operation and required infrastructure growth in leading market technologies that comply with national and international standards.

We deliver a managed service, provided by consultants and tools that monitor the performance, efficiency and levels of service contracted.

Our Hallmark

The Cloud specialty offers greater agility, lower costs and access to advanced solutions and a wide range of experts specialized in cloud technology, as well as the design of the solution architecture and professional services for the migration or implementation of the proposed Cloud technology.

In a multi-cloud world, our main interest is to support our customers in their transition to the cloud and to offer them the benefits and advantages of this model.


  • uno praxis  Reduction of TCO costs in the IT area of up to 40%.
  • dos praxis  Reduction of OPEX operating expenses of up to 50%.
  • tres praxisReduction of expenses in CAPEX infrastructure of up to 70%.
  • cuatro praxis Increase in productivity, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • cinco praxisReduction in time to enable solutions from weeks to days.



    Big Data/ Business Intelligence / Security / Financial Services / Mobile Solutions / Solution Center.