Consulting PraxisConsulting

At PRAXIS we define ourselves according to the workforce needs and intellectual capital, gaining efficiency and productivity for the company. We are an international company with more than 20 years of experience, a leader in projects with specialized methodologies and tools, strategically focused on consulting, integration, outsourcing and systems development. Through the appropriate use of information technologies, we seek to strengthen the development of companies.


  • uno praxis Tangible results thanks to the supervision of the staff.
  • dos praxis  High productivity supported by payment based on results.
  • tres praxisCutting-edge applications, that result from the business knowledge of our consultants.
  • cuatro praxis Personnel specialized in business areas.
  • cinco praxis Short response time which guarantees a fast Go to Market.
  • seis praxis More motivated staff that brings economic benefits to the organization.
  • siete praxis  Savings of time and money. Lower staff turnover.
  • ocho praxis  Increase in the number of projects successfully completed in time, cost and quality.
  • nueve praxis The proposed scheme was designed to be more productive than the current one.
  • diez praxis The client interacts with the cell leader to whom he hands out the tasks.
  • once praxis  The cell will be taken in periods of 12 to 18 months.
  • doce praxis  The client and PRAXIS, together, select the leader of the cell.