Financial Services Praxis Financial Services

In PRAXIS we have more than 20 years of experience, strengthening companies in IT solutions.

In our Financial Services, specialty we help to detect punctual needs and requirements, through business consulting and regulatory issues.

We implement the "Operational Core” that allows our customers to start or optimize their business operations.

We update or renew the infrastructure of the systems to achieve their business objectives, as well as compliance with the standards established in the regulatory framework.

Our Hallmark

The Financial Services specialty bases its value proposal on the knowledge of the financial institutions' main business processes, as well as their regulation and supervision, identifying areas of opportunity or deficiencies to provide ad-hoc solutions to each institution; proposing the best solution in the optimization of your resources: HR, material, technical and financial; in the areas of risk, normativity, channels, regulation, money laundering prevention, credit, IT audit, among others.


  • uno praxis Decrease in operational risk and penalties for non-compliance with regulations.
  • dos praxis    Simplification of tasks (reduction of effort).
  • tres praxis Savings in time and costs due to optimized processes.
  • cuatro praxis  Reduction of time in the transfer of knowledge.
  • tres praxis Reduction of the "time to market" in the generation of products and services.
  • cuatro praxis  Less time to adapt to market demands and regulatory requirements.



    Big Data / Business Intelligence / Cloud / Training / Financial Products.