Infraestructure PraxisInfrastructure

In the Infrastructure specialty, we offer holistic solutions that are capable of integrating the people, the technology and the processes that the client requires within a changing environment.

Our belief is to be agnostic to any brand, since we believe that the value solution lies in knowing exactly how to remedy, solve the situation and need of our client, making efficient solution architecture.

Our Hallmark

At PRAXIS we bring knowledge and experience to the operation and maintenance of your data center and your entire network.

We offer specialized technical support in multi-brand technologies and we have global capacity that allows us to facilitate the management of IT support.


  • uno praxis  Reduction of time spent in managing several providers to meet the technical support needs of your Data Center and your entire network.
  • dos praxis Reduction of operation costs, maintenance, as well as the time of implementation.
  • tres praxis Services supported by processes that are based on the best practices of the industry worldwide.



    Big Data / Cloud / Mobile Solutions / Security.