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The mobile solutions management office has years of experience developing mobile solutions, offering comprehensive plans for devices and mobile platforms; thus providing robust and mature stan-dards for the development.

Consulting in business solutions.

Development and Implementation of solutions through project development.

Specialized consulting of resources in mobile technologies.

Support and maintenance desk.

Multi-channel platform that is the cannon for sending messages in: Push, SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp and ChatBot.

We use IOS and Android native technologies, besides using Multi-platforms technologies such as Xamarin.

We create Responsive Web platforms using different technologies such as: JAVA, .NET, PHP.

Our Hallmark

In the Mobile Solutions Management Office, we develop integral solutions to implement a business mobility strategy. We focus mainly on design (UX, UI, heuristics analysis, responsive, etc.), we also have a compatibility list of the most used devices and a catalog of errors that facilitates the applications maintenance. Besides, we work on the debugging of code and components to improve the performance in the native platform with development in the high availability and transactionality of the applications.


  • uno praxis Creative mobile applications, which allow a simpler and more attractive user experience, considering the needs of the staff and the company's line of bussines, implementing the best practices in UX / UI.
  • dos praxis Development of integral solutions, improving the service of our clients towards their final users, optimizing the times and increasing the quality, together with a better user experience.
  • tres praxisIncrease in the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients' business flows.
  • cuatro praxisHigh levels of security in the handling and processing of information, implementing the highest encryption and coding standards.
  • cuatro praxisMobile solutions, which improve the communication and collaboration channels between employees, distributors, users and / or customers.
  • cuatro praxisCutting-edge tools that represent a differentiator for our clients with respect to their competitors, increasing the efficiency and effective- ness of business flows.