IT Process Management Praxis IT Process Management

The IT processes specialty at PRAXIS has been helping organizations to face changes and the growing business competition, considering models of quality, innovation, best practices and standards that allow to deal comprehensively with the volatility of the environment; thus becoming agile transformation drivers when promoting the improvement of processes. We are committed to our business partners to establish a relationship that gives them value.

Our Hallmark

In the IT Process Management specialty, we optimize the operative processes of the organizations, through gap analysis, innovation, adoption of models, best practices and quality reference frameworks recognized in the international industry.


  • uno praxis Increase in operational efficiency with the optimization of your processes.
  • dos praxis   Increase in the speed of delivery of functional software.
  • tres praxis Requirements with better adherence to business expectations.
  • cuatro praxis Increase in the quality of the product, service and activities of each collaborator under an agile scheme.
  • cinco praxisReduction of operating costs, when using agile methods.
  • seis praxisReduction of unincorporated technology based on innovation in processes.
  • siete praxisCompliance with the objectives and requirements of the organization.
  • ocho praxis Reduction of information loss.
  • ocho praxis Lower Time to Market.
  • ocho praxis Reduction of waste in the value chain.