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    For more than 20 years, PRAXIS has an area of expertise in Project Management, which supports our clients to be at the forefront and evolve towards new methods that optimize the management of their projects, generating value and capacity.

    We apply the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

    Our Hallmark

    The Project Management specialty has more than 20 years of experience, and is supported by institutions with international recognition (PMI®).)

    This specialty has a pool of available resources, specialized services and tailored solutions in Traditional and Agile PMO. In addition to meticulous selection processes for choosing the right consultant, as well as a value-tracking service model which allows the development of talent aligned with the business, and the creation of a continuity plan for the consulting service. Training both in on-site and on-line mode (ISOTM 9001: 2015 Certification), Project Management is an ally of PPM tools (Daptiv PPM, CATM PPM).


  • uno praxis Maximization of business results and a response capacity increase through a flexible and dynamic model.
  • dos praxis Optimization of access to information and indicators for timely decision making.
  • tres praxisIncrease in the number of successful projects completed, thanks to the improvement in agile and traditional processes.
  • cuatro praxis Greater alignment of the expectations of your employees with those of the company.
  • cinco praxisSavings, thanks to the decrease in the number of non-aligned conflict initiatives and unrequired projects.
  • seis praxisReduction of costs and time to market, if strictly-necessary projects are executed.
  • dos praxis Greater control of processes through our team of experts to improve time, quality and costs.



    The specialty of Project Management is related to all the practices to manage any project.

    Business Intelligence / BA & BPM / Cloud / IT Process Management / SAP / Solution Center.