We have the experience and qualified personnel to work with companies from different sectors, enabling us to have a broad far-reaching.


Even though there is a broad spectrum of services, a fundamental trait that identifies us with this sector is our philosophy of attention to customer needs.

On one hand, offering services to an increasingly and more exigent market, our experience as service company allows us to be aware of factors that are critical. On the other hand, it is a fact that in the telecommunications sector, a huge transformation is taking place, therefore the way in which we conduct our daily life is changing as well. For us to be part of the change is paramount and we are prepared to satisfy specific needs in this sector, in critical areas such as:

Billing services / Marketing / Customer care / among others.

Furthermore, we have the required expertise to support the basic administrative processes of service companies, such as:

Payroll / Human Resources / Accounting / Costs / Budgets / among others.


The financial services organizations operate in a world of constant change and growth. With the continuous improvements that are required to meet the market's demands, it is essential to have the right team in place. A high knowledge of innovative banking solutions is crucial to overcome these challenges and sustain success. PRAXIS provides tailored solutions to give a distinct, competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging environment by blending our business expertise with the technical knowledge needed to achieve critical robust missions.

“Here at PRAXIS, we are not satisfied with just making systems; we are concerned with understanding the financial systems of our clients. We seek to integrate ourselves into the corporate culture of our clients; their needs and the expectations of the end user.”

This year PRAXIS announces new adjustments to its operative structure, by virtue of its new Corporate Governance project, wich increases value supported by the established processes and a suitable succesion plan to face with confidence the big challenges along with associates and collaborators.

PRAXIS has developed a strategic and specific goal oriented software solution, able to process high volume payment operations; including, but not limited to, starting day operations, payments throughout the day and daily closings. Currently, more than 80% of bank-to-bank transactions utilizes a PRAXIS system account for transaction routing.


Traditionally, Mexico has been a mining country. Currently, it ranks among one of the first places in extraction, refining, transformation and trading of mining-metallurgical products. Therefore, one of Praxis objectives is to increase the profitability and strengthen the development of companies in this sector, through a wide range of services and specialized products.

We Offer /

  • uno praxis Management of information systems' integration projects.
  • dos praxis Integration of information systems of commercial products to existing systems.
  • tres praxis Analysis, development and implementation of information systems.


    SET (Sistema de Estadística de Transporte -Transport Statistical System-) is a modular system that provides timely and accurate statistical information with indicators of daily operation of the rail transport system fleet of trains, cars, yards and locomotives. With the aid of these indicators, it is possible to analyze, in timely manner, deviations of original timetables, in order to generate statistics, whose elaboration does not require a lot of effort on the part of human resources.


  • uno praxis The system registers the daily operation of the rail transport system fleet of trains, cars, yards and locomotives. Furthermore it provides consistent, timely and safe information related to the different systems powering the SET, avoiding duplicity and delay of information.
  • dos praxis It also encourages the reallocation to other priority activities of the human resources who elaborate statistics, in order to attain a most accurate operation and provide a better customer care. This allows the rail transport to enlarge and improve the service level of all operational areas, as well as reducing time devoted to consultation of information concerning operation conditions; this way, the personnel who obtains the statistics has more time to analyze information.
  • tres praxis The system implementation is friendly, in order to incorporate, in a simple and transparent manner, the different modules information with whom the SET interacts.