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  • Security PraxisSecurity

    Analysis and intelligence against threats is an important issue in the face of timely visibility of threats.

    PRAXIS, through our security analysts, consultants and the incident response team, we provide a professional service, through advanced technological solutions that are constantly being updated before imminent threats in the market.

    Our Hallmark

    Through our consulting service, state-of-the-art technological solutions, qualified personnel and training, we help organizations to use new technologies in safely and capitalized manner, which help to identify and stop risky cybernetic behaviors to protect users, infrastructure, critical data and intellectual property.


  • uno praxis Proactive visibility of threats, vulnerabilities and risks.
  • dos praxis Total coverage for the protection of information, applications and infrastructure.
  • tres praxisSolutions for reliable, controlled and secure use of new technologies (mobile, cloud, etc.).
  • cuatro praxis Broad visibility of user activity and use of critical resources.
  • cinco praxisControlled access and visibility at all levels (network, platforms, systems, etc.).
  • seis praxisFull control of users and privileged access.
  • siete praxis Prevention against theft of information and loss for the business.
  • ocho praxisRobust and reliable operation to improve the performance in the operation.
  • uno praxisDetection and timely response of incidents.
  • uno praxisGuaranteed compliance.