Solution Center PraxisSolution center

We offer integral, high quality and efficient solutions, focused on the outsourcing of development, maintenance and testing of the systems area.

We attend the outsourcing needs (nearshore and offshore).

We offer material resources, highly trained personnel and certified in various technologies. As well as the expertise in the personnel management and adherence to the processes established by the CMMI®.

All our processes are evaluated under CMMI-DEV / 5 and CMMI-SVC / 5 and are appropriate to the budget of each of our clients.

Our Hallmark

The Solution Center is an operating model accredited in CMMI® L5 and ISO 20000 consisting of best practices that address from the service desk, development, maintenance, testing of products and services covering their life cycle from conception to delivery and sustainability of them; this model includes bodies of knowledge (or disciplines), that are essential when developing reliable and robust software products.


  • uno praxis  Reduction in net operating cost (TCO).
  • dos praxis   High level of satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • tres praxis Savings in physical location costs using the providers is facilities.
  • cuatro praxis Access to traditional and agile international development and maintenance processes.
  • cinco praxis Reduction of the release time of up to 40%.
  • seis praxis Reduction of loss of service requests and compliance with service levels in 100% of tickets.
  • siete praxis Continuous improvement process with international evaluation.
  • ocho praxis Access to highly trained consultants with international certifications to solve level 3 or 4 of attention.
  • ocho praxis Access to experts in business solutions according to the industry they belong.



    Big Data / BUsiness Intelligence / Mobile Solutions / Testing.