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The Testing specialty is part of the PRAXIS specialties group; with years of experience working autonomously; that is, we can perform our services independently of the PRAXIS development teams: We ensure that the tests are completely objective!

Our Hallmark

The Testing specialty has more than 15 years of experience performing testing services and participating as an independent entity to the development processes; a commitment, which allows us to be more objective, in the testing processes to ensure the quality of the software. Our testing strategy is based on the identification of risks, depending on the severity with which the defects are identified. We use levels and types of tests, which are based on the ISTQB® framework best practices.

The testing processes are guaranteed under the CMMI DEV® model certification. We are suppliers authorized by the ISTQB®, to train test engineers for certification before this organization.

In the Testing Management office, we focus on improving processes and research new technological trends and methodologies, in order to provide innovative services, to be at the forefront of the market.


  • uno praxis Reduction of risks in project delivery.
  • dos praxis Prevention of defects at the early stages of the development of the application, product or service.
  • tres praxis Objectivity tests, focusing our efforts on detecting defects.
  • cuatro praxis Significant decrease in project costs.
  • cinco praxis Increase in the quality of the application, product or service, as well as the customer satisfaction.
  • seis praxis 100% trained and specialized consultants for each business need.
  • siete praxis We are a Silver Partner supplier, certified by the ISTQB®.