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Capacitacion PraxisTraining

The Training specialty is devoted to providing consultancy, integration and training, committing to its customers, through the contribution of greater benefits in profitability and growth in all projects carried out.

In this way, it offers the best quality standards after obtaining the certification of the ISO 9001-2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Therefore, in PRAXIS, we are concerned about adjusting to these fine processes, where we can offer training programs according to the needs of each organization.

Our Hallmark

In the Training specialty we offer you "Specialized Consulting"; relying on an initial assessment, we detect opportunity areas, for both staff and organizational areas, always seeking to standardize the skills of the staff with best practices optimizing the use of existing tools and processes in each company.


  • uno praxis Greater efficiency in the development of their functions in their current position.
  • dos praxis You can support and guide your work team with the quality policy of the organization.
  • tres praxis Increase in the quality of work, by training with the best market practices.
  • cuatro praxis Decision making and problem solving are streamlined.
  • cinco praxisEmployees manage to increase their productivity and quality of work, they learn to solve problems and decision making becomes easier.